Soap Making Workshops

At our Studio in Tatamagtouche, and at the Sutherland Steam Mill Museum during summer months!  Local accomodations listed at the bottom of this page.  Please help support local!

"Learn the art of Soap Making in a relaxed, comfortable environment and learn how to make it Safely and Accurately!  We teach our courses over a 2 day  span, making sure that you walk away with the confidence needed to make your own creations.  I also make myself available to students (through a consultation) to help build that confidence!"

Guy Rochon, Owner, Blue Cabin

The pictures above (and on this whole site!) are creations that were made by students that graduated from my workshops.  Through the study of in-depth science of soap making, they developed the skills necessary to create these beautiful, luxurious handmade creations on their own!

YOU can also be on the road to understanding the science of soap making and develop the confidence, skill and talent in your soap making endeavours.  It's a very rewarding and addictive craft that will have you developing your next batch while the first one cures!

Our Courses

Browse a summary of our Courses below

What our Courses Include: In these two day workshops, you’ll be able to:  Create any soap using lye calculators,  Learn the art of “superfatting”,  Learn how to formulate your own personal blends, Learn to use Natural

Additives or Colourants, Tips on scenting formulations, Sourcing your raw ingredients from suppliers,  Different types and methods of molds that you can use,  and most importantly, learn how to do all of this without the use of any synthetic or artificial ingredients

The workshop fees include all raw materials for students (Including a reusable wooden mold for a three pound batch of soap),

taking home approximately 4 1/2 pounds of cured scented soap! 

We also include a free consultation with the Instructor for your first batch at home

We offer you over 30 years of soap making experience.  You'll learn to not just make any soap, but the best soap possible.

Beginners Cold Process Soap Making Course  $160.00

Have you ever wanted to learn how to make incredible hand made soap for you and your family? Or maybe you want to start a small business? This two day workshop will teach you all you need to know to safely make your own incredible cold process soaps from scratch!

Colouring and Marbling Cold Process Soaps *


​In this course, you'll learn what ingredients you can use to naturally (and synthetically) colour your own creations, and how to use two different colours in marbling your soap creations * Beginners Soap Making Course Required

Milk Based Soaps*  $160.00

In this course, we aim to demystify the art of Milk Based soap making, including:  Goat's Milk, Almond milk, Coconut Milk, Soy milk.... in fact  just about any milk ingredient you can get your hands on! * Beginners Soap Making Course Required

Scenting Cold Process Soaps Naturally*


Scenting... It's much harder than you think!  There are so many variables that affect scenting in your formulation.  Learn the "ins and outs" of cost effective and smart scenting using plant-based essential oils.  Learn the difference between Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils, and how they affect the final product. * Beginners Soap Making Course Required

 Registering your Soaps with Health Canada's Notification system - $90.00

Did you know that Health Canada runs a free Voluntary Registration system for all Soap Makers in Canada?  Did you know that selling your creations requires registration of your soap products with the National Regulator?  That's right!  and failure to do so can result in fines being levied against anyone selling unregistered cosmetic products in Canada.  In this half day course, we'll bring you through all the requirements for registration and we'll actually register one of your products for you during the course!  Walk away with the confidence that you're following your due diligence and that your products are properly registered.

Upcoming Workshops for 2020

January 2020 to June 2020

We teach all levels during this period as the need arises, weekends and weekdays!

Call us at 902-809-7137 to enquire about our current teaching schedule,  or to place your name on a waiting list  

Please note that we will no longer be responding to email inquiries.

June 2020 - September 2020:

Summer of 2020

  Maker Space,

Sutherland Steam Mill Museum, Denmark, NS.

Learn how to make Natural, Artisan soaps in this unique and historical setting at the Sutherland Steam Mill Museum, Denmark, NS!

2020 Class Schedule for the museum will be posted once it resumes operations for the 2020 Summer season

October 2020 to December 2020

We teach all levels during this period as the need arises, weekends and weekdays!  Contact us at 902-809-737 for our current class schedule, or to place your name on a waiting list

What our students are saying about our 2 day soap making workshops

"These courses are AMAZING, you learn so much from Guy - amazing teacher with a wealth of knowledge to share

I would highly recommend any of these classes!!!"  Sharon N., Cole Harbour NS

“I didn’t think that there was so much to know about soap making but Guy covers all of the topics that are required to master this craft! He also helped me get my first batch of soap at home done by talking me through it prior to making it - which really helped my confidence!”  Danika M (Prince Edward Island)"

"This is a great opportunity to learn the basics and beyond about soap-making. If this is something you have been always interested in getting dirt on, I recommend Guy Rochon; he is very knowledgeable and a very adept instructor."  Karen P, Cole Harbour

"I certainly enjoyed the workshops I took with Blue Cabin and feel very confident creating different soaps for myself, family and friends .

I really appreciate your willingness to answer any questions I have had . You are a good mentor!"  Judy T, Tatamaghouche

"I found your classes very interesting, informative, for anyone who hasn't made soap before and wanted to learn. It gave me the confidence to be able to make soap on my own!"  Elaine E.  Moncton NB

"I never knew there so many aspects to soap making!  Thanks for showing me what I needed to know to make the best and safest soap possible without having to second guess as to what I was doing!"   Brent F., Dartmouth, NS 

While taking our Workshops, why not consider supporting one of our locally owned establishments which you can find listed below.  Help support local while visiting the incredible North Shore of Nova Scotia!

Less that one kilometre away from Blue Cabin is the Green Dragon Bed and Breakfast.  Follow the link to their website.  Stephan Hederich will take very good care of you!