Our commitment to the Environment

Let's face it... Humanity if having an impact on our natural world and Blue Cabin is approaching this issue from a long term perspective! 

As many of you are aware, the public has jumped on board with a ban on plastics.... but are plastics the problem?  from a public policy perspective the problem lies with littering, and yet, we're being completely silent about this dirty little human habit.  Plastics don't 'appear' in the environment - it's people's inability to place trash where it belongs!!

But wait!  Can't you move onto cardboard packaging???  A recent United Nations report indicated that the best way for humans to counter the effects of climate change is to plant trees... and lots of them.  Trees create habitat for the world's species.... but because of our insatiable appetite for paper, we've decimated the vast majority of the world's forests... so moving onto paper packaging will only accelerate the destruction of the forests that we have left, and disappearance of precious species

I'm already seeing companies move onto cardboard packaging, and even claiming that the packaging is "zero waste packaging"... which is so incredibly misleading!  Lots of energy is needed to recycle that cardboard packaging, and they're not entirely made of recycled material.  and if more and more of us turn to cardboard packaging, our remaining forests will be obliterated, and Blue Cabin is NOT going to contribute to this disaster. (trees are, after all, the lungs of Mother Earth)

So what are we using, and why? 

We've moved onto a biodegradable 'Biolefin' film which protects the integrity of the product and is biodegradable when exposed to the high heat and humidity of a landfill. 

Our Natural Soaps also contain natural humectants... which are a by product of the soap making process.  Humectants draw moisture from the air to your skin, keeping it feeling hydrated... but it's the humectants that have the potential to draw moisture from the air onto your bar of soap... think about a sunny humid day.  A natural bar of soap will naturally contain humectants and you simply need to protect the bar from moisture in the air.  It's also those humectants that make our soap so popular!

Another way to avoid moisture problems with natural soaps is through the use of chemicals which many soap makers are now turning to... and those chemicals go into our bloodstream and enter the environment, creating pollution in our precious waterways - this is simply not the way we want to move forward

So do yourself, and the planet, a boost by understanding that trash belongs in the garbage - and leave the trees in the ground!

So Why not offer your soaps without packaging?

You may have seen this in health food stores BUT did you know that bacteria can survive and even thrive on a bar of soap?  that's right!  each time  a person touches that bar of soap, they've deposited some bacteria on the bar... the more people touch it, the more bacteria it will contain - it's simply not hygienic

so do Gaia a huge favour... put trash where it belongs!!  You may not be old enough to remember this, but about 50 years ago, the world was using paper for everything, and we recognized that this was having a massive impact on the world's forests... so we moved to plastics, and for a brief moment in time, our forests recovered... soooo.... are we going to go back to destroying what precious forests we have left??