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Thinking of bringing your internet business needs to Vistaprint (the company that runs our website)?  You'll be interested in reading the following

Hi!  and thanks for coming to this page.  I'm Guy Rochon, the owner of Blue Cabin Natural Products, a small soap making company in beautiful Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.  Blue Cabin has been in business since 2010 and we've had our company website with Vistaprint since 2012.

In October of 2018, I called Vistaprint about modernizing my website - it was approaching 8 years of age and it showed.  I asked Vistaprint if this could be done without loosing my site - no problem, they replied.  I was put into the hands of the Vistaprint Design Team

So the process to modernize the look of my website began, with many many people being involved in the process and endless calls as the process unfolded.  At one point, I received an email from Vistaprint (VP) advising me that the new site would be ready soon and that they would be issuing a new 'URL'.  To those of you not familiar with what a URL is... it's the www address that you type into your web browser.  I immediately called Vistaprint because I was NOT creating a new website - I didn't want to loose the years of web traffic coming to my site.  "Don't worry" they replied "This is the process we need to follow"  I was assured each time that it was not going to be a new site.  So the process continued to unfold.

Just before the 'modernized' site was ready, I received an email from VP asking me to log into my account and that I had to hit "cancel website" in my account.  So again I called them in a panic, this time angrily telling VP that "I was not cancelling my site!!!"  Don't worry, I was advised, this is how it's done.  Once you click on cancel, your modernized website will be live.  So I foolishly clicked cancel, and with a sick feeling in my stomach about it.... and my intuition  was right.  In one click, I obliterated Blue Cabin's existence on the internet.

Once the site was "live", I eagerly went on the web to look at my modernized site, and at one point, I went to the web statistics portion of the site to look at the traffic going to it.   But something was wrong.... the only statistics showing for the site was from that day.... there was nothing from the month before, day before or week before...8 years of web traffic had been vaporized.  It was as if I had been given a brand new website, a brand new company that has never been on the internet.  So I started to call VP demanding to know what happened.  and here is where things went wrong.  Their response - "You've been given a brand new website, and it's going to take time for people to find you on the web because you're new"  This can't be right!!  and yes, indeed, they were.  "Start advertizing your site all over again" was their steadfast response.  Start again???

I now have a brand new website, essentially hidden from view until people find my company, and I now need to start an advertizing campaign all over again.  Yes, you did get that right - I'm now expected to put out more money because VP failed to advise me that they would be deleting my existing URL (www.bluecabinnaturalproducts.com) and the give it back to me again (www.bluecabinnaturalproducts.com), thereby creating a 'brand new company'.

Next steps:  March 22, 2019 :

I spent two hours on the phone with VP today to get them to pick up the advertizing costs (750.00) that I now have to endure because of their inability to communicate, or to fully understand the ramifications of their actions.  Expecting a small company to absorb advertizing costs because of their mistake is something I find deplorable.  While they did admit to the guilt by refunding the costs for the website, I don't think that they've gone far enough.  The damage is done and they are now refusing to assist me in getting my web presence back up to it's usual capacity - even though they admitted the error.  I've now contacted several media outlets today to see if anyone it willing to take this story public. I think that people should be aware of what large corporations can do to small businesses (think Samson and Goliath!).  So I've also created this page and will now disseminate the link via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, in hopes of getting people to see first hand how this company is behaving.  After several attempts to get them to compensate me, the response has been "too bad, so sad"

and this is how you start to fight back.  After reading this, would you bring your business to this company? 

Think twice before you do

keep checking back for updates! this page will be removed once VP comes to their senses and does the right thing.